Amazing Blue Dodge Viper GTS | Columbia Missouri Car Photography

Dodge Viper side shot by Schaefer Photography

The Dodge Viper is such a beautiful car and it was perfect for us to practice the art of light painting for this Columbia Missouri Car Photography photo shoot.

When Scott was in high school or maybe a few years before that he saw a bright red Viper in the Montgomery County Fair parade and since then he’s always been a fan. The curves of the car body and the roar of the V10 under the hood just make this car look like a piece of art on wheels.

So when we found out our friend Tyler Willy of GKR Motor Cars was restoring a 1996 Dodge Viper GTS, we jumped at the opportunity to have some fun with this beautiful car. Tyler’s main objective with his vehicles is to focus on EV Conversion taking the classic cars we know and love and giving them a whole new life in 2022 and beyond. Although for this restoration he left the powerful bite of the Viper alone.

Scott and Tyler met up in the evening last week and spent a couple of hours in the 21 degree shop perfecting the shots to build these images. With light painting, it takes several long exposure shots to capture the car with its shadows and highlights perfect. Then final image comes to life in Photoshop using the sections that were lit with each pass.

Each one of these photos took between 10 and 20 shots each to make. It was so much fun coming up with the concept for each of these images and then watching them come to life during the retouching process. The only thing that they forgot to do was take this Viper out for a joy ride…but hopefully that will happen soon.

A dodge viper shot from the front with light painting by Schaefer Photography
A three quarter shot of a dodge viper in front of a large American Flag and AAMCO Transmission sign in a shed. Columbia Missouri Car Photography.