Newborn Lifestyle Photography

Documenting life as it happens in your home.

That fresh baby smell…the coos and first little cries…the lovely smell of dirty diapers…wait we went too far there!  But seriously, who doesn’t love newborn lifestyle shoots?  Babies are at their most precious during their first days in the world and we are so honored to be a part of that experience.  Give us all the tiny feet, cute wrinkly hands, squishy baby cheeks and all the adorable little outfits! We want to document all those first moments as they happen in your home.

We know how it feels that first week after giving birth.  It’s hard to remember anything.  You barely get any sleep and you’re trying to figure out how to keep someone alive. There is a lot going on!!  We wouldn’t trade it for the world and we’re so glad we’ve got newborn photographs to help remind us of those first few days.  Those little babies grow up so quickly.  Everyone always says that and it’s absolutely true.

Our Schaefer Photography newborn lifestyle sessions take place in your home normally 5-10 days after birth.  We are more than happy to use any props or family heirlooms you have to make your newborn session unique and special to you.  These shoots usually last a couple of hours because let’s be serious, babies are the boss on these shoot.  If they say it’s lunch time, you had better believe it’s lunch time.

newborn baby held on moms shoulder


Scott was wonderful to work with for our newborn lifestyle session. During the shoot, he was incredibly patient with our often-times fussy guy and even stepped in to help sooth our baby when I was starting to feel frustrated. The final images are beautiful, tastefully edited and his journalistic style perfectly captured a genuine story of this special moment in our life. As questions came up, both Shannon and Scott were very responsive and helpful. We are lucky to have them in Mid-Missouri!