Editorial, Corporate & Small Business Photography

With what seems to be less in person communication these days, a client’s first impression of you most likely won’t be in person.  So let’s make sure you look your best when your smiling face pops up!  Your image and photos of your business are increasingly important to let your clients and social audience see who they are working with when they find your business website or online profile. Whether you are working with an established corporation or starting out as an Entrepreneur – professional photography will help you stand out from the crowd.  Scott has nearly 20 years of experience working as a news photojournalist and corporate marketing producer who has produced countless videos, headshots, advertisement and product shots along with covering events around the world.  We’d be happy to help you and your brand tell your story. Let’s tell a story that is going to set you apart from every other Joe Schmo out there. We’d love the opportunity to produce a flawless headshot that you will be using in your email signatures, social media and brochures.

Or perhaps you need new images for your brand to put on your Instagram that will stand out in an edgy new way that the competition can’t compare to.  We can take your business platform up a level with brilliant portraits, professional and high quality videos, and stunning imagery to fill your websites, catalogues, or even just your business Facebook feed.  Every type of business has graced our camera lens so nothing is too far out or too mundane, we’ve done it all.  Whether you’re a startup, a long time local franchise or even just a small business owner or artist, we can take your marketing game to the next level.  As small business owners ourselves, we understand that this is your baby.  With that in mind, we treat you not just like a business client, but you get the same red carpet roll out that we give our own passion projects.  Your world revolves around your craft and how you present yourself to your clients is the most important part.  So let’s chat and see how we can best custom tailor a package that is unique to your business!