We love music.  We love listening to music.  We love playing music.  We love photographing music.  We just really love live music and enjoy witnessing so many talented musicians up close. The melodies of the songs, the beat of the drums and the energy of the performers on stage makes concert photography such an enjoyable experience.  There really aren’t words that can describe the feeling you have when you’re out in that crowd, vibing to the lyrics that hit your soul and seeing an artist that just knows how to move you. As photojournalists our goal has always been to capture events so the viewer feels like they are experiencing the same excitement we get to see up close. Whether it’s an intimate show or a massive festival in a field, we want our images to put you in the front row.

Pictures are by far the best way to save that moment in time. Like when the lights dim and Leon Bridges blesses you with his presence.  Or when Lady Gaga shares a softer moment during a fast paced show that give you goosebumps. Or when Lake Street Dive’s Rachael Price hits that note just right. Or when Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Jerry Lee Lewis pounds the keys of the piano with some Great Balls of Fire.  Or witnessing the amazing voice of Adele – it’s moments like these that are absolutely our favorites and we can’t wait until the lights turn on for our next show.

We are based in Columbia, Missouri but available anywhere there’s a stage and music to be heard.

If you’re ever in our neck of the woods, be sure to check out the Roots and Blues Festival in the fall.  It’s a great time!