Maternity sessions are such a joy to shoot.  The excitement of new life.  The big changes you’ll soon be experiencing.  Life will never be the same!  It will be better.  Trust us. Everyone says that a mother has a beautiful \”glow\” about her when expecting a child. Whether this baby is your first, last, or somewhere in between, we want to make sure that this beautiful life experience is well documented even if you might not feel 100% through your childbirth journey. We’ve been blessed to experience the wonderful joys of pregnancy twice ending with the birth of our daughter and son…and we’ve also had a few miscarriages along the way.  Rainbow babies after a loss, make capturing this time even more magical.  We know this is one of the most special times in your life before you welcome a brand new baby into the world.  So you can expect nothing but the best red carpet service from Schaefer Photography to make sure that every photo showcases how beautiful motherhood and maternity truly makes every mother and father look.  From making sure all of the angles are just right on that growing belly to capturing the magical look in a first time father’s eyes when he gazes at his wife lovingly.  We also know that not all families and birth stories are identical so please know that everyone is welcome here.  We like to shoot your maternity photos while you’re still feeling good, but far enough along that your bump is starting to take centerstage.  Generally around the 30 week mark – give or take a few weeks.  Every pregnancy is unique, so just let us know and we’ll make it happen!