Adele Returns For Amazing Las Vegas Residency

Adele smiles at crowd during her show at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas by Schaefer Photography.
Adele smiles at crowd as the Colosseum Theater is projected on the walls.

We hoped to be able to see Adele in Concert for her Las Vegas Residency, but when tickets first went on sale back in 2021 we got waitlisted by Ticketmaster. Then on January 21, 2021 Adele released a a tearful video on her social media just 24 hours before opening night that she would be postponing her shows for the time being. “Listen, I’m so sorry, but my show ain’t ready,” she said. When the shows were rescheduled, we were blessed with another opportunity to register to buy tickets and this time we were selected!

ticketmaster verified fan image of Adele notifying that you've been selected to purchase tickets.

Exactly one year to the day that she made that tough decision we were able to be in the crowd to witness the results of the extra preparation and her incredible talent. She even took a few moments to apologize to the crowd again.

We did a quick 30 hour round trip from Columbia, Missouri to Las Vegas and it was worth every second. Adele has a voice like no one else. She commands the stage without any fancy dances or choreography. Her personality shines in between songs when she speaks with her endearing accent and hilarious stories and one liners. As the crowd cheered when she took a drink after her first song, she cackled with laughter and said you all think I’m drinking alcohol but this is just honey! She said she’s given up on the booze as she’s too old in her 30s.

With that said, she confessed that one of her favorite things to do is get drunk and Google herself! As concert photographers ourselves, hopefully one day she’ll find this post on a google search and invite us to shoot one of her concerts up close alongside her photographer Raven B. Varona! Just in case, Adele – our email is and here’s a portfolio of our concert work 😉

That would be a dream come true.

Here are a few photos that we were able to take from our seats to capture this amazing show!

Adele singing Fire and Rain during show at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas by Schaefer Photography. Rain is falling on stage and fire columns shooting up.
Black and white image on stage during Adele's performance at Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas by Schaefer Photography.
Adele singing into microphone surrounded by gold glitter.
Adele sings on stage in front of A frame stage design and white piano with back up singers.
Shadows of Adele are projected on walls of Las Vegas Colosseum.
Adele stands in spot light surrounded by band on stage at Caesars Palace Colosseum in Las Vegas.

The show started off small with just her wearing a gorgeous long black dress with diamond like jewels adoring it and a white piano on stage. As the evening progressed the stage expanded to reveal a full band and moving risers with back up singers and musicians. The entire front of the Las Vegas Caesar’s Palace Colosseum was covered with video screens that made the room come to life and make it feel even more cozy. There really wasn’t a bad seat in the house. The audio was incredible and made it sound like Adele was right next to us.

Fire and Rain appear on stage during Adele's performance of her hit song Fire and Rain in Las Vegas.
Adele sings Fire and Rain at the Las Vegas Colosseum.

During Fire and Rain, the rain poured down behind Adele and fire lit up the stage and piano. You could feel the heat! Adele sang for 2 hours, she took a stroll through the crowd for “When We Were Young” – talking to fans and reminiscing. She shared that she saw Celine Dion in this same room where she was performing and that was one of her favorite memories. As the evening came to an end heart confetti dropped from the ceiling and in the blink of an eye during “Love is a Game” Adele made an impressive exit as confetti dropped from the ceiling like water and by the time it hit the stage she had disappeared.

Adele also had a boutique in the casino where you could purchase merchandise and she had her Oscar, a couple of Grammys and some of her dresses on display for fans.

Adele's Oscar Statue for Skyfall from 2012 Academy Awards. Two Grammys are in the background.
Adele’s 2012 Oscar for the theme to James Bond Skyfall and two of her Grammy Awards.
Weekends With Adele Boutique in Caesars Palace.
Weekends With Adele Boutique at Caesars Palace.
Adele's Black Dress from One Night only at the Griffith Observatory near Los Angeles California.
Dress from One Night Only at Griffith Observatory.
Gold Sequin Dress from Adele's I Drink Wine Music Video on Display in Caesars Palace.

We saw Adele during her stadium concert tour in 2016 at the Key Arena in Seattle. Two weeks later we even gave our first child the name Adele as her middle name. We love Adele and her music. We are so thankful that we’ve been able to see her twice now. The Las Vegas show will stand out with its theatrical stage show and perfect execution…along with the intimate setting of Caesar’s Palace. No need to be sorry, Adele. You nailed it and we loved it!

The Entrance to the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

Until we meet again, Adele!