The Best Schaefer Photography Photos of 2022



Jan 6, 2023

Our second year of running Schaefer Photography full-time in Columbia, Missouri was full of so many great memories in 2022. We thought it would be nice to compile just a few of our favorite images to share with you all! We are so excited to showcase Schaefer Photography’s top 100 photos from Columbia, Missouri and surrounding areas!

These photos were selected from 13 gorgeous weddings and countless portrait sessions. So many families let us document the arrival of a new baby, their children being playful or their oldest son or daughter’s senior photos as they prepared to graduate from high school or college. We helped capture the beginning of several couple’s new journeys together during their engagement session and documented some exciting corporate events and concerts!

Thank you so much for trusting us to be a part of all these special moments. We hope that our work represents how honored we were to be chosen by you.

Here are 100 of our favorite photos from 2022.

-Scott and Shannon Schaefer

Bride and Groom kiss in the rain in small town Blackwater, Missouri while her wedding dress flips in the wind at Wildcliff Weddings.
Hallsville, Missouri Football player puts on his helmet in tunnel as Sun sets producing sun flare surrounding him.
John Batiste plays melodica while blue and yellow lights create a star burst in background.
Grammy Award Winner Jon Batiste Performing at the 2022 Roots and Blues Festival.
Hot couple wearing all black for Halloween in woods while husband dips wife while holding onto her.
Two children look at newborn baby in basket at Christmas
Couple pose on wooden stair case wearing formal attire while lights reflect on floor
Senior girl with white boots sitting on black metal bench at University of Missouri Columbia.

Family laughs while sitting on Ski Ball machines in Arcade.
Family with young daughter laugh in front of green store front in downtown Columbia, Missouri.
Couple kiss during 50th Anniversary celebration at Sir Christopher Wren's St Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury at America's National Churchill Museum on the campus of Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, United States.
Couple kiss during 50th Anniversary celebration at Sir Christopher Wren’s St Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury at America’s National Churchill Museum on the campus of Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, United States.
Brunette Senior Girl in white jumper walking with sunshine behind her.
Two young boys and their mother laugh while hugging in Capen Park in Columbia, Missouri.
Black and White Image of senior guy tipping his cowboy hat in front of window.

Hallsville Senior Football player captured with a long exposure trail running
January Lanterns Andrew and Kristen Camp pose with Guitars
January Lanterns Andrew and Kristen Camp pose with Guitars
Young boy laughs at dad while sitting on top of old blue Ford Tractor.

Senior girl wearing blue dress looks in awe at silver Christmas decorations in Columbia, Missouri.
Two small children kiss in field during family photo session in Columbia, Missouri.
Brunette Girl laughs in front of Mizzou Columns during senior portrait session
Hot couple pose on blue canvas backdrop wearing turquoise jewelry and black formal wear.
Scott and Shannon Schaefer’s self portrait for Best Photographers during the Best of Columbia 2022
Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow
Silhouette of senior guy wearing a cow boy hat with cow in barn.
Young boy with blue eyes and blue sweater looks up at camera while standing in tall grass.
Little girl makes hilarious funny face while looking at nature flowers
Beautiful brunette senior girl lays in fall leaves with brown hat.
Couple kiss in fall field as wind blows on their wedding day. Groom is wearing a cowboy hat.
Entertainment Tonight Co-Host Nischelle Turner poses in front of Gold Canvas Backdrop at the University of Missouri.
Entertainment Tonight Co-Host Nischelle Turner
Senior girl poses on black backdrop while sitting in black chair wearing black lace top.
Senior girl stands in alleyway staircase
Beautiful Black couple lean heads together during engagement shoot
Newborn with eyes open looks at camera while laying next to toy sloth.
Family poses in front of white wall while holding two small dogs.
Newborn wrapped in orange swaddle surrounded by three orange pumpkins on beige rug.
Mother kisses 6 month old daughter while sitting on log at the Pinnacles Youth Park near Columbia, Missouri.
A couple kiss while parked on St. Charles street in identical black jeeps.
Southern Boone County Senior Wrestler poses shirtless with abs and letterman's jacket near Columbia, Missouri.
Model Destiney Kingsbury poses wearing white jumpsuit with purple and pink light on background.
Jack Antonoff points up while performing at the 2022 Roots and Blues Festival in Columbia, Missouri.
Jack Antonoff points up while performing at the 2022 Roots and Blues Festival in Columbia, Missouri.
Sailor and Bride Kiss under bright lights at Emerson Fields.
A Blue Dodge Viper Light Painting with black background
A black and white image of a newborn yawing while swaddleed in small box.
Jon Batiste shows emotion after kicking piano stool on stage at the 2022 Roots and Blues Festival in Columbia Missouri.
Jon Batiste on stage at the 2022 Roots and Blues Festival in Columbia Missouri.
Engaged Black Couple sit in the back seat of a 1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible.
Mizzou wrestling Coach Brian Smith poses wearing yellow and black on old stair case in Columbia, Missouri.
Mizzou Head Wrestling Coach Brian Smith
Young boy lifts his fedora hat while wearing suspenders.
Senior guy sits on top of red truck with cowboy boots in foreground.
Pregnant woman wearing white dress holds baby bump in a golden field while the wind blows her hair.
Family cuddles together with daughter on dads shoulders while looking at newborn.
Senior girl with dark hair wearing white dress looks up at sky while laying in tall grass.
The Kay Brothers pose with banjo, bass and washboard in front of the Missouri State Flag.
The Kay Brothers
Newborn baby wrapped in Monster's INC blanket with Sully the monster stuffed animal.
Family holds hands in Katy Trail Train Tunnel as mom and dad kiss near Rocheport, Missouri.
Groomsmen toss bride in the air at Emerson Fields.
Ballet Dancer standing on toes wearing tutu
Artist Cindy Scott poses in studio with a paint brush and pearl ear rings.
Live Wedding Painter Cindy Scott Artistry
A double exposure of a senior girl and the mizzou columns in Columbia, Missouri.
Farmer sits on top of red tractor with chicken sitting by him on wheel.
Dustin Stanton from Stanton Brothers Chicken Farm.
Senior guy jumps in air while making it look like he is just floating.
A long exposure of senior girl wearing white top.
Engaged black couple look at each other with colorful sky behind their silhouette.
Family celebrates after they are granted official custody during adoption court hearing.
Family celebrates during adoption court hearing.
Engaged couple stand among horses in field with guy holding girl wearing cowboy boots.
Young Japanese girl wearing colorful ceremonial kimono.
Rock Bridge Senior Girl celebrates with confetti in front of pink backdrop.
Four young kids hold hand while walking down drive way.
Couple kiss on their wedding day at Wildcliff Wedding in front of LOVE sign and old car.
Truman the Tiger runs out of Mizzou Arena Tunnel carrying University of Missouri Flag at Student Athlete Event.
young girl looks at camera as she snuggles into her mom.
Two kids play together with sun falling on them.
Couple pose in front of tropical plants after wedding ceremony.
Newborn swaddled as brother and sister lay on their back on pink rug.
A 360 degree planet view of the University of Missouri Columbia Campus before the Oak Trees were cut down surround the famous columns.
Senior Girl wearing flower top looks down shoulder.
Young boy looks up to older brother while holding baseball bat.
The famous welcome to fabulous Las Vegas neon sign double exposure.
Newly weds look at each other while holding an umbrella during the rain
Blonde white woman looks over the back on 1955 Buckskin Thunderbird  Convertible as fiancé kisses her on cheek.
Bride looks at her dress while she is seen through a clothes hanger that says MRS.
Engaged couple walks on road holding hand by the big tree near Columbia, Missouri.
New parents snuggle baby boy tightly while hugging
Couple kiss and frolic in the snow during a Schaefer Photography Engagement Session near Columbia, Missouri.
Bride and Groom kiss under waterfall at Dogwood Canyon in Southern Missouri.
Expecting couple pose nude during Maternity Session
Bride stands in sunlight in front of huge black doors.
Bride stands in front of stain glass window inside of Simmons Stables in Mexico, Missouri.
Senior girl poses on the University of Missouri Campus.
Couple laugh on their wedding day at Dogwood Canyon near Branson Missouri.
Bride and Groom pose in front of the Missouri State Capitol building in Jefferson City with long veil blowing in the wind.
Crowd gathers around fire along the Missouri River at Cooper's Landing Marina.
Newborn baby in yellow onesie asleep on dad's arm.
Multiple Exposure of couple walking down gravel road with guy wearing cowboy hat.
Ashland Missouri Senior Girl wearing one should yellow body suit and jeans.
Sisters hug in front of tree with spring blossoms.
Newborn wearing flower headband looks at camera while wrapped in light green blanket.
Saguaro Cactus in Saguaro National Park near Tucson Arizona with Mountains in the distance.
Newborn baby swaddled on colorful rug.
Young girl wearing bow hugs her brother who is wearing overalls.
Guy looks at woman's baby bump as they touch foreheads. In Camera effects.
Young girl kisses newborn sister while laying on bed.
Woman wearing red dress poses on box with white background.

We hope you enjoyed this look back and we look forward to seeing you in 2023.