The Word’s Greatest Elvis Tribute – Dean Z

Silhouette of Dean Z performing as Elvis Presley in front of big red light letters spelling Elvis.

We are huge fans of Elvis Presley and just wish he was still around to see perform on stage. His voice, looks and charisma are iconic Rock N’ Roll. But one thing is for sure, Elvis has definitely NOT left the building in Branson, Missouri! If you ever get the chance to see Dean Z perform as Elvis Presley in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute at the Clay Cooper Theatre in Branson – you’ll get to witness the closest thing to rock king himself.

Branson is located 285 miles west of Elvis’ Graceland and his spirit is alive and well. Throughout the two plus hour show, you’ll get to witness a high-energy musical journey covering some of Elvis’ greatest hits starting out in the 1950s, through the ’68 NBC comeback special and the fabulous white jump suit performances of the 1970s at the International Hotel in Las Vegas.

All of the music in the show is performed live by a talented 11 piece band, live horn section, vocalists and fantastic video projections that make you feel like you are at Sun Studio in Memphis and Las Vegas with recognizable visuals that add to the live show. Dean Z moves and sounds so similar to Elvis. Make sure to check out this show whenever you get the chance! We hope these photos will showcase the talent of the performers and give you a sense of the energy put into bring Elvis Presley to the stage once again.

Here are some photos that showcase Dean’s amazing voice, talent and show!

Elvis Presley Tribute Artist Dean Z dressed in 1950s suit standing on bass guitar as he plays an acoustic guitar.
Black and white image of Dean Z dancing on his toes as Elvis Presley with penny loafers and a light colored blazer.
Dean Z wearing black leather jumpsuit in front of purple and blue lights with back up singers dancing.
Dean Z performing as Elvis Presley in White Jumpsuit on stage in Branson.
Dean Z performing as Elvis Presley in pink blazer on stage lit up with colorful lights in Branson, Missouri.
Memphis Recording Service neon light sign behind Dean Z as Elvis Presley playing guitar with two other musicians in Branson, Missouri by Schaefer Photography.
Dean Z sings into a 1950s Shure 55S Microphone wearing a light pink blazer.
Elvis impersonator wearing white jump suit with red silk scarf pushes black guitar forward in a classic Elvis Presley Move.  Dean Z Ultimate Elvis performance by Schaefer Photography.
Dean Z on stage with 11 piece band performing 1950s Elvis Presley music.
Black and white photo of Dean Z singing passionately as Elvis Presley in black leather in Branson, Missouri.
Elvis tribute artist singing on stage with three lady back up singers wearing red sequin dresses.
Dean Z as Elvis Presley talks to his backup singers.

You can tell Dean Z has studied Elvis’ every move and really works hard to give the audience the feeling of seeing Elvis in person. Dean has a great voice and all the dance moves – along with some funny one liners throughout. Our show included a tribute to Veterans and a wide variety of other service related workers during the singing of Elvis’ American Trilogy. It was a moving moment to see people standing during the song with the US Flag waving on screen.

Dean Z performs as Elvis Presley with American Flags on screens.
Dean Z wearing a white jump suit as he performs as Elvis Presley during the 1970s Hilton Las Vegas residency.
Dean Z as Elvis in front of the Las Vegas Hilton Sign.
Dean Z shows off dance move while holding onto the microphone stand.
Dean Z showing off some dance moves.
Dean Z performing as Elvis Presley in pink blazer laying on stage in Branson, Missouri.
Dean Z under spot lights with Elvis in red letters wearing black leather suit singing by Schaefer Photography.
Dean Z dancing fiercely with hair flying on stage
Dean Z performs an Elvis dance pose during American Trilogy in Branson Missouri.
Dean Z rocks during a show performing Elvis music from the 1968 come back special wearing black leather.
Dean Z dancing to 1950s Elvis music while performing as Elvis Presley in pink blazer on stage lit up with colorful lights in Branson, Missouri.
Dean Z with two musicians on stage un SUN records neon light projection.
Dean Z performing as Elvis Presley while the real Elvis is on screen behind him.
Elvis presley tribute artist Dean Z takes a karate pose during performance
Dean Z singing into microphone wearing black leather with red guitar and red lights in background.
Dean Z takes a knee at the end of his performance as Elvis Presley while wearing a red cape that he is holding up in a traditional Elvis Presley manner.