Rock Bridge Senior Zachary Willmore TikTok Star

Zachary Willmore brought all of his charisma, fashion and cheerleading skills along for his Columbia, Mo. high school senior session! We started off at Shelter Gardens with bright sunshine and flowers in full bloom. Zachary is a natural in front of the camera.

Zachary was a cheerleader on the Rock Bridge High School’s varsity team and has over 1.7 million followers on TikTok. On the app, he started out posting videos in which he advocated for changes in the school’s dress code. Zachary became the first male homecoming queen at the school. The influencer put a poll on social media asking if he should aim for the title of homecoming king or queen. “They thought queen could look prettier on the sash,” Willmore explained. “So I chose queen.”

Recently, Zachary was diagnosed with HIV and is now vlogging his experience of living life with HIV. He said, “information is power so he really wanted to help people to understand.” He made his initial announcement a week after his diagnosis on TikTok.

Check out this recent article on NBC where he talks about how he hopes these videos will help others.

If you haven’t yet, give his Tik Tok account, @zachwillmore a browse. His platform is all about self love, combating social norms as a proud part of the LGBTQ community, and most importantly keeping it fun and producing lots of smiles. While there is definitely a giant dose of humor, he also keeps it vulnerable and honest so that others may be inspired by his journey. Zachary could probably teach us all a thing or two about being unapologetically ourselves…and maybe give us all a few makeup tricks as well. Sidenote- we’re still a bit jealous of his stunting while wearing platform heels!

Zachary plans to pursue a career in fashion in LA. We can’t wait to see where life takes him! Also, be sure to check out the amazing artwork of Abbey Gorsage who created a wonderful paper collage inspired by the photo below of Zachary on the yellow mums…you can find it at the bottom of this post.

If you’d like to have some fun and create some amazing senior photos, we are ready to help you out!

-Shannon and Scott

Senior guy Zachary Willmore laying in yellow flowers red bleeding heart sunglasses by Schaefer Photography.
Senior Zachary Willmore points to High Voltage Sign with red velvet jacket.
Senior wearing velvet jacket and black leather shorts in flower garden with sunshine coming through trees at Shelter Gardens Columbia Missouri
Senior Zachary Willmore holds onto arbor at Shelter Gardens in Columbia, Missouri.
Senior guy poses at Shelter Gardens in Columbia Missouri by Schaefer Photography
High School Senior Guy sits near red and yellow flowers
Senior guy wearing green and orange letter man jacket in front of fall colors
Senior guy wearing burgundy velvet jacket sitting in tall grass.
Senior Zachary Willmore sitting in fall leaves Columbia Missouri.
Zachary Willmore wearing red jacket by burning bush.
Senior guy zachary willmore portrait green wall rock bridge high school letterman jacket
Senior guy cheerleader jumping in front of sunset
Senior guy sits in tall grass
senior guy portrait Rembrandt lighting
Senior guy wearing red jacket, black shorts and tall boots holds a rose
Senior cheerleader holds handstand at shelter gardens columbia missouri
senior zachary willmore poses in front of red leaves wearing red jacket
senior covered in rose petals lays on concrete shelter gardens
Rock Bridge Senior with lights in background
senior zachary willmore wearing red bleeding heart glasses sits in red fall leaves columbia missouri
Collage by Abbey Gorsage inspired by Schaefer Photography’s image of Zachary Willmore