Unique Mizzou Prints And Columbia Missouri Wall Art

Six Columns stand in front of white dome of Jesse Hall under fog.
The Mizzou Columns and Jesse Hall on a foggy Missouri night.

Mizzou Prints and Wall Art

Are you an Alumni of the University of Missouri looking for the perfect photograph to print for your home or office to remind you of a special time in your life? Do you need Mizzou prints for that special Tiger getting ready to graduate college? We might just have what you need! For the past 20 years we’ve been photographing the Mizzou campus and downtown Columbia, Mo. whenever a beautiful moment caught our eyes. We’ve decided it was now time that we offer those photos for anyone who might want a Mizzou print to fill that special place in their heart or on their walls.

Currently the collection is made up of close to 200 images including photographs of the University of Missouri campus, the MU Columns, the Tiger Hotel, the Missouri School of Journalism, Memorial Union and Jesse Hall throughout the changing Missouri seasons. Lots of our photos look great blown up as centerpieces in dining rooms or over a sofa in your family room. If you need help deciding on sizing please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us assist in picking exactly the right size for any type of print.

Memorial Union Tower behind fog and tree branches.
Memorial Union Tower and purple and yellow tulips blooming.
The sun drenched American Flags hang from 4 Concrete Mizzou Columns.
American Flags fly for the first time on Sept 10th, 2012 between the columns at the University of Missouri – Columbia.
A pink and blue sunset over the Tiger Hotel with a neon Tiger sing and American Flag.
The Tiger Hotel Neon Sign during a gorgeous sunset in Columbia, Mo.
Raindrops on glass with the scenic view of Jesse Hall and the Mizzou Columns with Banners hanging between.
A snowy scene of the Missouri School of Journalism brick buildings including Neff Hall and Walter Williams connected by the Journalism Archway.
The Missouri School of Journalism covered in snow.

Our Favorites

Some of our personal favorites are of a B2 Stealth Bomber flying past Jesse Hall on the way to Faurot Field, a foggy night at the Mizzou Columns, the lit up green dome of Jesse Hall during Mizzou Engineering week and the gorgeous American Flags flying between the columns the first time they were hung in remembrance of September 11th taken on September 10th, 2012.

A B2 Stealth Bomber from Whiteman Air Force Base flys past the dome of Jesse Hall at Mizzou.
B2 Stealth Bomber from Whiteman Air Force Base flying over Jesse Hall’s Dome on the way to Faurot Field.
A panoramic shot of the 6 mizzou columns and the dome of Jesse Hall creating a curved appearance.
Memorial Union tower seen through Lowry mall with brick walkway. Mizzou Prints.
Memorial Union and Lowry Mall on the Mizzou Campus – University of Missouri – Columbia.
An orange neon Tiger Sign from the Tiger Hotel in Columbia, Missouri.
Green Lights light up the dome of Jesse Hall.
Green Dome of Jesse Hall for Mizzou Engineers
6 Pillars of Light shoot into the sky from behind the Mizzou Columns on the 175th Anniversary of the University of Missouri.
The Mizzou Columns and dome of Jesse Hall are lit up with Yellow Light.
The Mizzou Columns and Snowflakes Mizzou Prints
Mizzou Columns during snowfall in Columbia, Missouri.


We hope these images will bring a smile to your face and remind you of all those Mizzou homecomings as you go about your daily life. If there’s a special place you’d like us to photograph, please send us a note at Also make sure to check out our other galleries of photos for more prints of Columbia, other destinations we’ve traveled to as well as wildlife and nature.

Scott is a 2004 graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism.