Vintage Car Engagement at McBaine Big Tree | Columbia, MO.

Couples usually ask if they should bring anything to their engagement session. Obviously, bring each other. Make sure you bring the ring. And we’d go as far to say, if you have a 1961 Pontiac Catalina with it’s engine fluttering like your beating hearts, you should definitely bring it!! That’s exactly what Mary and Josh brought to their amazing vintage car engagement session by the Big Bur Oak Tree in McBaine, Mo.

Josh hand painted their Catalina with a turquoise and green color scheme to give it a beautiful vintage patina. And even though it’s not true, we’re pretty sure he custom painted it for our shoot because the colors complimented the scene just perfectly!

You could feel the excitement in the air around these two car lovers. After we shot some pictures around the tree, we took a little cruise down the road with the warm Missouri air flowing through the open windows. Then we found some bikes in the back of Mary’s vehicle and took a little bike ride on the Katy Trail before heading over to enjoy the sunset by the Missouri River.

We can’t wait to see where the long road leads these two once they tie the knot in August.

Do you have a prop you’d like to include in your engagement session? Get in touch with us and let us help you make some awesome memories!

Couple smile at each other sitting on vintage Pontiac car
Woman lays head on fiance's chest
Brunette woman smiles as fiance looks at her
Couple sit in green Pontiac Catalina in front of a big tree
Couple cuddle together on the side of the road in front of car
Couple riding bikes on the gravel Katy Trail.
Couple hold hands while riding bikes
Couple wearing yellow and blue kiss while sitting on bikes.
Couple driving green car on highway.
Woman snuggles to guy while driving car with her feet on the dash.
Couple holds hands on gear shift wearing engagement ring.
Couple's hair blows in wind while driving car
Green pontiac catalina fish tailing on gravel road gif
Couple smile at each other under tree.
Couple kiss while driving in green 1961 Pontiac Catalina.
Couple wearing yellow and brown cuddle close together.
Close up shot of green and turquoise Pontiac Catalina hood ornament.
Steering wheel and mirror of green pontiac catalina.
Front of Pontiac Catalina car with headlights and grill.
Tail lights and bumper shot of green pontiac catalina.
Quarter panel side shot of green Pontiac Catalina name plate
Engaged couple kiss while sitting in Pontiac Catalina with door open.
Brunette woman wearing pink dress with white polka dots standing next to green car.
Engaged couple kiss on country road with green car in the background.
Engaged couple hold hands while walking next to the Missouri River.
Engaged couple hug each other and lay head on shoulder.
Silhouette of couple next to river at sunset.
Couple kiss in cab of Pontiac Catalina with headlights on at dusk.