Rock Bridge Bruin Dancer | Columbia Mo, Dance Photographer

We’ve wanted to photograph a dancer in studio for quite some time and were so thrilled when Ella reached out to us here at Schaefer Photography! We’ve been using our in home studio for shoots lately, but we knew for this shoot – we needed a much larger area for our set to be able to capture Ella in the air.

So, we packed up all our gear, light stands and backdrop to set up in a local Columbia, Missouri gymnasium. Our vehicle looked like we were heading out west for a week or two to live off the land, or at least photograph a lot of it! But seriously, we brought a lot of equipment. It was everything we needed to capture these awesome moments. Once we finished with our inside portraits we wanted to capture the beautiful light downtown. We had a beautiful sunset and even lucked out with the perfect amount of wind to add a little drama to all the shots!!

This was our very first dance shoot and we are so proud of how it turned out! Obviously, Ella is an amazing dancer, she has incredible flexibility – I mean just look at the photos below!! She worked incredibly hard throughout the shoot to make sure we were able to capture her form perfectly. If she didn’t quite hit the position on camera, she’d go right back under the lights to try it again!

Her years of experience as a member of the Rock Bridge Bruin Girls Dance Team have clearly paid off because Ella’s talent was obvious! Shoots like this are so much fun!! They take a lot of team work to pull off but the results will last a life time.

And here’s a pro tip, if you would like to try any of Ella’s incredible skills from the photos, please make sure you stretch.